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Sandwich Toaster

Sandwich toaster is a device for heating up sandwiches and toasting bread. It is made up of a timer and two hinged plates that are heated by electric coils. The sandwich is popped up by the toaster and served hot and deliciously when the timer goes off.

Flip Top Cap

Flip top caps are a style of bottle cap that may be opened and closed by flipping it open as opposed to screwing it on or off. They are also applied to certain foods, such as salad dressings and condiments.

Ropp Bottle

Ropp bottle is made of sturdy, long-lasting plastic, making it ideal for storing your preferred beverage. The bottle's distinctive shape makes it simple to hold and ideal for sipping while on the run.

Mini Griller

For modest cooking tasks, this electric mini griller works well. It warms up rapidly and has a non-stick surface for simple cleaning. Our offering is ideal for grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken, quesadillas, and other dishes. Being portable and light, it's perfect for carrying around.

Nylon Flocked Swab

Nylon flocked swab is a medical tool which is used to take a sample from the nose. It consists of a soft, absorbent tip on a plastic shaft. A sample of mucus is obtained by rotating the swab after it has been placed into the nostril.

Auto Dispenser

Auto dispenser is high quality and reasonably priced. It has a sturdy plastic construction and a straightforward design that makes it simple to operate. Enjoying your favourite beverages without having to worry about spills or messes is easy with the plastic auto dispenser.

Plastic Box

Plastic boxes are used for storage in kitchens. These products come with a lid, which is used to keep vegetables, snacks and food items warm, free from moisture and air. Plastic boxes are excellent for storing things in environments where moisture is a problem.

Tube With Cap And Dropper

Tubes with cap and dropper consist of a tube and a cap with a hole at the top. These are a compact and affordable tool which is used to dispense tiny volumes of liquid. To transfer liquid or powder from one container to another, you can use these items.